contest dates


May 11, 2013

February 2, 2013

December 10, 2011 BATTLE

October 28, 2011

June 18, 2011

April 30, 2011

February 26, 2011

November 27, 2010



rules & regulations


Entry fees are due the day before contest dates.


Only one entry per person. (Unless otherwise specified by contest organizers, contests are for individual performances only—no group or duets.)


Contestants must be 18 or over to enter.


The contest organizers reserve the right to declare the maximum amount of entries and close registration at any reasonable point.


Contestants are to choose material from Cupid’s karaoke library. Only songs in English are eligible.


Performances will be limited to five minutes. Choose your song wisely. If it is longer than five, be prepared for a fade at the five-minute mark.


We don't mind if someone else is doing your song, but will give you the option for a song change before your turn. Changing is optional.


Any contestants allowing others to sing along with him/her by surrendering the microphone shall have points deducted. (This DOES NOT include holding the microphone in the air for the audience to sing along.)


Any contestant guilty of distracting any of the other contestants during a performance shall be disqualified.



judging criteria


Physical Presentation  ( Appearance )

Audience Response

Stage Presence  ( Showmanship )

Vocal Presentation  ( Singing Ability )

Song Difficulty


Contestants that encounter malfunction of equipment has the option of starting over. (i.e. feedback, music skipping, microphone audio-loss.)


One thing to consider: ballads do not score well in the Audience Response category. Keep it short and up-tempo so you can get the audience involved.