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Etscheit Enterprise, Inc. was founded in 1949. As of 2014, we currently employ over 300 employees. Our primary business role is imports. Since our founding we have striven to become your first choice in quality and affordable products.


Presently, our endeavors have come to not only include quality imports but services as well. Our list of subsidiaries presently include: automotive services, baked goods, cinema services, clothing, construction, electronics, fuel services, gifts and souvenirs, groceries, hardware, produce and farmed goods, restaurant and catering services, salon services, security services, space and equipment rentals, travel planning and booking, and wholesale services.


In addition to goods and services offered, we also established Leo Foundation and Trust Fund, a non-profit dedicated to giving back to the community specifically in the fields of health and education. Leo Foundation has served an active role in improving the quality of services offered by the Pohnpei State Hospital since its inception in 1986.




Mailing Address:

Etscheit Enterprise, Inc.

P.O. Box 38

Pohnpei, FM 96941


Contact Information:

(691) 320 7047    Corporate Headquarters

(691) 320 5695     facsimile  |  |


Our main goal is to bring a higher level of service through our dedication to customer care. With over 60 years of experience in the retail industry, we strive to bring that same attention to customer satisfaction to all facets of our business endeavors.

It all started with one store …

Leo Store first opened its doors in summer of 1949, a small private endeavor by Leo Etscheit of Düsseldorf, Germany. His goal was to make quality imports both available and affordable to the Pohnpeian families still suffering from the aftershock of World War II.  With an ample 1,000-square-foot space, Leo Store quickly became the Pohnpeian's first choice for all their shopping needs. He dedicated  36 years into providing quality goods to the natives of Pohnpei. It was with this same level of dedication that has kept Leo Store going after all these years and still family owned and operated.



Prior to his death in 1985, Leo Etscheit transferred ownership of the store to his nephew, Robert Etscheit, II, affectionately referred to as "Robby" by the locals. Robby, together with his wife Agnes, then continued to expand from Leo Store thus forming Etscheit Enterprise, Inc. They, along with their children, have brought the business to its present state.



Today, the business has over 300 employees hired both on- and off-Island with Ron Etscheit at the helm as President and CEO of the corporation. Ron, a third generation Etscheit to oversee management, keeps family close by receiving the help of his siblings in all matters of the business.